Timberline Country Stores

We designed the entire website. This site includes a page editing system along with an advanced news letter system for the all registered members of the store. Visit

Misc. vBulletin Modifications

We created several vBulletin modifications for Vauxhall Astra Mk3 Owners' Club. The first was a shopping cart system, which allows them to sell products with a complete order management system. The second was a reminder system for users, which alerts users when their subscriptions are about to expire. The third was a simple addon that resizes photos in user's post.
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MVP Graphic Supply

We designed then entire website. This website included a simple page editing system along with an e-commerce-like application for selling printing supplies.
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We worked closely with vbEnhancer to create the Multi-Type Forums addon. The Multi-Type Forums addon extended vBulletin to allow for custom content types for posts. Some examples of types included articles, a "market" (for buying and selling with revenue sharing), and a download center.

KX Design

We designed the style for this vBulletin site.
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Coconut Point Group

We designed the entire site.
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